A new line of Disney-branded children’s t-shirts has been introduced in Ethiopia by E U BESTSALER TRADING PLC (Beconnected Industrial), a textile printing and labeling factory in Ethiopia. This is a significant milestone for the Ethiopian garment sector and brings a touch of Disney magic to children’s clothing.

These t-shirts, designed in Europe, are of high quality and meet international standards. The shirts are aimed at children between 2-7 years old and feature attractive Disney characters.

The first batch of Disney-branded t-shirts has been displayed in one of the largest supermarkets in Ethiopia. A launch event was held earlier this month, attended by sector representatives, including Desta PLC, a major player in the Ethiopian apparel industry. The launch was celebrated as a positive sign for the apparel industry, with pride expressed in seeing a globally recognized brand like Disney enter the Ethiopian market.

The partnership between E U BESTSALER and Disney marks a significant milestone for the Ethiopian garment industry. This collaboration highlights the advantages of global brands partnering with local distributors to offer customers high-quality clothing. Disney’s involvement strengthens Ethiopia’s position as an attractive market for international retailers and creates opportunities for new partnerships within the industry. This partnership is a testament to the positive growth and progress in the Ethiopian garment industry, positioning the country as an important player in the global market.

As Ethiopia continues to embrace global trends and economic growth, collaborations like these pave the way for a brighter and more vibrant future for the garment sector.

Desta PLC is an independent, family-run and family-owned ethical manufacturer based in Ethiopia. We provide a full range of knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing services, including accessories and embroidery. We specialize in t-shirts, uniforms and fashion items. Please contact us at info@desta-garment.com to discuss our services!

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