DESTA PLC is a family-run  garment factory in Ethiopia and is responsible for its employees and the local community. At the same time, DESTA was trying to fulfill its responsibility by working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is a major concern in the world and is claiming the lives of many.

First of all, since the onset of the disease, the factory has taken various precautionary measures, which have enabled the workers to carry out their duties in a careful manner and continue to produce and export products.

In addition, to protect the local community, DESTA produced face masks. Those were distributed to various organizations that serve the community and the organizations expressed their gratitude.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the local Community Health Office, we conducted awareness campaigns in the major areas of the city and distributed more than 5,000 face masks to the community. Also DESTA is giving out warning messages by putting up various billboards with the slogan “I’m not the reason.”

The local community was impressed. Butajira town resident Mr. Mohamed expressed his appreciation for the great job opportunities DESTA has created for young women and thanked the factory for doing this.

This situation has strengthened our sense of community and it makes us feel good.

Desta PLC is an independent, family-run and family-owned ethical manufacturer based in Ethiopia. We provide a full range of knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing services, including accessories and embroidery. We specialize in t-shirts, uniforms and fashion items. Please contact us at to discuss our services!

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Socio-Economic Support

Socio-Economic Support

As DESTA PLC is a family-run garment factory in Ethiopia, it is responsible for its employees and the local community....


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