From March 14 to March 16, 2024, the 2nd Made in Germany – Africa expo and conference was held at the Skylight Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The purpose of the event was to provide a platform for private sectors and multinational institutions to exchange knowledge and build networks. Participants included organizations such as the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), the German Development Corporation (GIZ), the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the German Embassy.

The conference sessions highlighted Germany’s strong interest in increasing trade and investment in Africa. Panel discussions covered various topics such as agriculture, manufacturing, labor laws, and gender issues in the workplace. Eyob, the general manager of Desta PLC, participated as a panelist, sharing insights and experiences in establishing a successful manufacturing value chain.

During the panel discussion, it was evident that the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia currently contributes only 4.5% to the country’s GDP, yet fulfills only 38% of local demand. This indicates a significant room is open for growth and opportunity, especially considering the remained significant demand of 62% of the total is currently met through imports. Eyob acknowledged the challenges faced by the sector, particularly in accessing raw materials, but persisted optimistic about its growth potential.

Overall, the ‘Made in Germany’ – Africa expo and conference provided an opportunity (a prospect) for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, highlighting opportunities for investment and growth in Ethiopia’s manufacturing sector. Participants left with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented in Africa’s evolving economic landscape.

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