As an ethical garment manufacturer and family-owned business, Desta is working hard to upgrade its facilities and practices to meet the needs of its workers.

Currently, we are upgrading our on-site first aid center to a full-service clinic and full canteen service for the factory workers. This move will provide better access to health care for the workers, allow us to get a medical history and solve the medical problems because of hungry.

The new clinic will provide essential primary health care to our employees, with a focus on maternity services to support our 80% female workforce. By providing quality healthcare services on-site, keep our employees healthy and productive. This new clinic is an important part of our commitment to creating a healthy and safe workplace for all.

Our canteen provides a well-prepared free meal service for our employees. By having a nutritious meal available for our employees, we can help them maintain their energy levels and focus throughout the work day, leading to better quality work and fewer mistakes. Additionally, happy and healthy employees are more likely to stay with a company, so providing them with a free meal service can help us to reduce turnover.

If you would like to learn more about Desta, African Sourcing and Fashion Week (ASFW2022) will be the perfect opportunity to meet us. We will be at booth numbers B12 & C11 at the congress center, skylight hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia from November 4-7, 2022.

Desta PLC is an independent, family-run and family-owned ethical manufacturer based in Ethiopia. We provide a full range of knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing services, including accessories and embroidery. We specialize in t-shirts, uniforms and fashion items. Please contact us at to discuss our services!

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