One of our goals at DESTA is to be transparent and to always push our employees to be best they can be. We recently sat down with Kedijah, a line supervisor at our factory in Butajira. Kedijah started out as a line operator when our Butajira Expansion Project started production two years ago, and has worked her way to a 2nd level supervisory position. We believe that Kedijah offers some great insight into what it’s like to work at DESTA, Butajira factory.

Desta: First I would like to say thank you for giving this interview!

Kadijah:  I would like to say thank you, too!

Desta: When did you start work for Desta?

Kadijah: It’s been two years since I started working for Desta. This includes the training period. I have been working as a full-time employee since September 2018.

Desta: How did you hear about Desta?

Kadijah: I first heard about Desta PLC in the school (TVET School) where I was studying. We were told, that a company called Desta would open and if we study well, we would have a good chance to get a job in that factory. Desta offered training to our whole class. After the training I was hired. When we started, we didn’t expect it to grow to the point where we are now. The work force increased significantly. I am very happy to see the potential.

Desta: What is your position title at Desta and what are your responsibilities?

Kadijah: I’m a level two supervisor. My responsibility is to control the work and workers in the line assigned to me. That means monitoring the target, the quality of work and supervising the operators. In addition to this, I also have the responsibility to contribute my share  to the growth of Desta.

Desta: What are the prospects of promotion in Desta?

Kadijah: As I have seen, in Desta the promotion is based on your attitude towards work. If you are a hard worker and comply with the organization’s rules and regulations, you will get a chance of promotion. For example, I was a new operator. Because of my hard work and consistent attendance (I had’t any absent), my immediate superviser promoted me.

Desta: Did working for Desta bring any changes in your personal life?

Kadijah: Working at Desta has taught me many things. For example, this is the place where I learned  how to manage time. I had no idea how to use my time effectively.  For example, five minutes don’t seem to be a lot of time. However, I learned how valuable even one minute is.  I have learned many skills, I made many friends and I can afford to continue evening classes in college.

Desta: What is Desta’s contribution to the local community?

Kadijah: Desta has contributed a lot to the local community. From the very beginning, the construction has created a lot of work for the local community. The shops and cafes in the area benefit from the increasing number of employees. Educated young men now find interesting job opportunities.

Desta: Currently what does it look like working in Desta?

Kadijah: Because of the current disease, we are doing our job carefully. We wash our hands each time before we enter the facility.  We wear face masks.

Desta: Do you have any plans for the future?

Kadijah: I want to progress. In the future, I plan to buy machines and start my own business where I hope to use the skills which I am developing in Desta now.

Desta: We wish you all the best!

Kadijah: Thank you!

Desta PLC is an independent, family-run and family-owned ethical manufacturer based in Ethiopia. We provide a full range of knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing services, including accessories and embroidery. We specialize in t-shirts, uniforms and fashion items. Please contact us at to discuss our services!

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