One of our goals at Desta is to be transparent and to always push our employees to be the best they can be. We recently sat down with Bethlehem Amare, who is in charge of the quality department at our factory in Addis Ababa. Bethlehem started as a line operator eight years ago and has worked her way up to be in charge of the quality department. We believe that Bethlehem offers some great insight into what it’s like to work at Desta.

Desta: First, I would like to say thank you for giving this interview!

Bethlehem: You’re welcome 

Desta: When did you start working for Desta?

Bethlehem: I started working at Desta in 2013, eight years ago.

Desta: How did you hear about Desta?

Bethlehem: I heard about Desta through a job vacancy. I was very interested in joining because Desta is an export company and the quality of work is remarkable.

Desta: What is your position title at Desta, and what are your responsibilities?

Bethlehem: I am in charge of the quality department. My responsibility is to ensure that the garments are manufactured in the quality based on the customer’s sample. There are 32 employees in this department, three of which are supervisors. Therefore, it is my responsibility to develop quality control systems for the entire factory and ensure the required quality.

Desta: Your position is one of the high-level positions at Desta. How did you become in charge of the quality department?

Bethlehem: When I joined Desta, I was just a trainee as any other employee. After I finished the training period, I was evaluated by my superiors and hired as a first-level sewing operator. Then I was promoted to the sample room to work on samples for clients and then supervisor of one of the sewing lines, which led me to the position I now have as head of the quality department.

Desta: What are the prospects of promotion at Desta?

Bethlehem: Working at Desta for many years provides a good opportunity for growth. But in my opinion, the key points to getting a promotion at Desta are working hard, working properly and efficiently, and working according to the organization’s rules and regulations.

Desta: Did working for Desta bring any changes to your personal life?

Bethlehem: It has improved my way of living with regards to finance – i.e. the salary I receive now is much better compared to what I used to earn before. It allows me to save a lot of money.

Desta: Has your job at Desta made you feel empowered as an individual?

Bethlehem: The training I received from and at Desta gave me confidence and helped me make better decisions. My salary has also improved from what I used to earn before.

Desta: Do you have any plans for the future?

Bethlehem: I have a plan to have my own garment factory someday.

Desta: We wish you all the best! 

Bethlehem: Thank you very much!

Desta PLC is an independent, family-run and family-owned ethical manufacturer based in Ethiopia. We provide a full range of knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing services, including accessories and embroidery. We specialize in t-shirts, uniforms and fashion items. Please contact us at to discuss our services!

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